O’Sullivan Makes UK Max

He came close during the fifth frame of his 6-0 victory against Matt Selt at the last 16 stage of the 2014 UK Championship, but during the next Ronnie O’Sullivan made no mistake, compiling the 13th maximum break of his professional career in brilliant style.

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Having missed the black on 89 when presented with what was a more difficult chance, the balls in the following frame were positioned far more favourably and despite a wobble on the final blue, which I thought he had missed for a moment as the crowd began to groan, he went on to complete a memorable maximum.

Celebrating with a clenched fist before he had even pottted the final black, he added several more as he was walking out of the arena and was clearly pumped up. Being in the arena myself, the reaction of the crowd was incredible and somehow even more vociferous than for other players when I have seen them making a maximum break.

Provided that it is not equalled prior to the end of the tournament, the break will earn Ronnie the £40,000 rolling maximum prize, as well as the £4,000 tournament high break prize.

On a personal level, the break was the fourth 147 that I have been lucky enough to witness live, the others having been made by Stephen Hendry (2012), Mark Williams (2005) and John Higgins (2012). Not a bad set!

I also make it the fifth professional max to have been officated by Jan Verhaas, although he told me that the tally was seven shortly afterwards tonight. Stewards enquiry on that one.