My New WPBSA Blog

WPBSAbannerAs some readers may have already seen on Twitter during the past few days, in what is an exciting development for me personally and hopefully for those of you who enjoy reading this website, I will now also be blogging for the WPBSA with immediate effect.

In particular, the blog will initially concentrate on the various ranking battles that will run during the course of the season, while I also hope to be able to work with the WPBSA to provide fans and players alike with further resources via their website going forwards.

Do not worry however – normal service will be maintained here at PSB and this blog will continue to provide the same level of analysis, news and stories from the sport as has been the case during the past six years.

There will though be different articles to read over at my new WPBSA blog, which you can read by clicking here, including my latest piece explaining why Neil Robertson will return to the world number one ranking after this weekend’s Lisbon Open.