Big Break – Crucible Style


For a third successive year here at the Crucible, an exhibition was required on the final Saturday afternoon due to an early finish in the tournament’s first semi-final, this year between Shaun Murphy and Barry Hawkins.

Having already had to put on an exhibition match between Stephen Hendry and Ken Doherty earlier in the tournament, the organisers today decided to do something a little different, running a ‘Big Break’ style competition for those of you familiar with the format of the old BBC show.

Click below for a few photographs from the exhibition…

marker1 The likes of Olivier Marteel, Jan Verhaas, Nicko McBrain and Mike Ganley look on

TaylorDennis Taylor


JV and Rob Walker assemble the contestants from the crowdTaylor1Dennis Taylorvirgo John VirgoDavisSteve DavisDavisVirgoSteve Davis is watched at the table by John Virgo