Gunnell struggles for top form

As reported in the Shropshire Star prior to his 5-3 defeat at the hands of world number 59 Mark Joyce today, Shropshire veteran Adrian Gunnell has admitted that he is currently struggling to find his best form. Gunnell, at a career high ranking of 36th for 2008/9 has confessed to experiencing problems with his tip recently, saying that:

“I’m getting there but I’m still not playing that great,” he added.

“I’ve got through a lot of tips in the last month and it has been so frustrating.

“They are just so inconsistent. You take two from the same box and one is like a sponge and the other one like a bullet.”

Hopefully he can get over these problems and regain the form that propelled him to his position in the rankings as after finishing last season in 35th place on the one year rankings, he’s well in the mix to break into the top 32 for the first time in his career if he can have another solid season.