Bahrain Championship Qualifiers: Day Two (Morning)

It’s round two in Prestatyn as Jimmy White got his qualifying campaign underway this morning. Click below to read how he got on…

White falls at first hurdle

Crowd favourite Jimmy White may have started the season in good form, but Leeds’ Peter Lines got the better of him today, defeating the Whirlwind 5-2 in the first match of the day to be completed. Peter has made a pretty solid start to the season, winning at least one match in each tournament so far as he looks to retain his place on the tour for another season. Tomorrow he faces veteran Scot Alan McManus as he looks to make the final qualifying round for the first time this year.

White meanwhile will be disappointed not to build on his strong early season form, particularly having been moved straight into the second round this week due to the withdrawals further up the draw. He will now be looking to do better in the UK and Masters qualifiers in a months time.

Morris dances into round three

Soon to follow Peter was young Irishman David Morris who eased past Rodney Goggins with a 5-1 win today. He faces a tough couple of matches if he wants to make the final stages though as he meets Adrian Gunnell tomorrow with Michael Holt awaiting the winner on Thursday. Both of those players did well at the Grand Prix recently so they Morris will have to perform at his best if he is going to beat them.

Mahitthi marches on

Continuing his good start to the season, reigning World Amateur Champion Atthasit Mahitthi won his second match of the week as he moved into the third qualifying round and a tie with David Gray tomorrow.  Today he beat Lee Spick 5-2 and did his chances of staying on the tour for next season no harm at all.


Lee Spick 2-5 Atthasit Mahitthi 64-55, 43(39)-78(37,35), 4-121(44,77), 17-62(49), 62-12, 2-66(54), 0-73(72)
Liu Song 2-5 Daniel Wells 43-69(38), 5-70, 16-106(90), 46-54, 72-49, 97(67)-0, 12-78
Jimmy White 2-5 Peter Lines 63-50(43), 33-68(68), 82(52)-23, 56(48)-71, 56(56)-72(44), 43(33)-65(32,33), 11-90(63)
Mark Joyce 5-4 Andrew Pagett
Andrew Norman 3-5 Robert Stephen 22-83, 16-82(52), 76-43, 59(52)-9, 69-33, 1-78(45), 36-80, 57-74(36)
David Morris 5-1 Rodney Goggins 9-56, 94(94)-0, 65(37)-35, 72(39)-46, 76(38,37)-0, 75(33)-41
David Roe 2-5 Stefan Mazrocis 8-100(39,40), 61(60)-1, 42-69, 32-57(39), 62(38)-30, 56(43)-61, 47(47)-73(33)
Stuart Pettman 5-4 Paul Davison