White speaks following latest exhibition

Jimmy White has been chatting to the Isle of Man today following his latest exhibition evening with Alex Higgins. Click below to read what he has had to say on the locals, Higgins and his own form…
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On the Isle of Man:

‘It’s not my first visit to the Isle of Man but it will probably go down as one of my most memorable after yesterday’s (Thursday’s] boat journey over – I’ve never known the sea so rough!”I always enjoy coming over because the people are so friendly and warm.’

On Higgins:

‘It’s certainly interesting – the man’s a legend though and a great, great player. I used to look up to and admire him as I began my career so it’s a real pleasure to get this opportunity to play him on a regular basis.’

‘he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.’

On his own form:

‘I haven’t been in the best of form over the last couple of years, but recently I’ve been hitting the ball better than ever. I’d go as far to say I’m at the top of my game.’

‘I’m concentrating on my snooker at the moment; everything else is taking a bit of a back seat.’

That being the case, Jimmy will have been disappointed to have lost his opening match in the Bahrain qualifiers against Peter Lines this morning, but I guess it just shows how competitive the tour is these days. White will next be in action in Sheffield for the Masters qualifiers next month.