Bahrain Wild Cards Named by WSA

As is often the case for the overseas events there will be a number of local wildcards involved when the final stages of the inaugural Bahrain Championship next month. Click below to find out who the lucky six are and who they will be playing…

As described on the official WSA website, the six local wildcards are:

  • Ahmed Goulam
  • Isa Ali Al-Hashmi
  • Habib Subah Habib
  • Ahmed Saif
  • Ahmed Basheer Al-Khusaibi
  • Ahmed Abdulla Asiry

As a result, the six wildcard fixtures are:

Robert Milkins v Ahmed Saif
Barry Pinches v Ahmed Goulam
Mike Dunn v Ahmed Abdulla Asiry
Marcus Campbell v Ahmed Basheer Al-Khusaibi
Rod Lawler v Isa Ali Al-Hashmi
Mark Davis v Habib Subah Habib

For the full draw, click here to visit GSC.