Dott looking to get back on track in Telford

Graeme Dott has had a few words to say about the birth of his second child last week, click below for details…

Graeme told the Daily Record:

“I can get my career back on track. I’ve won the World Championship so I know what I can do.

“And what I do know is I have to start winning – especially when you look at the price of nappies these days!”

As jovial as his second comment might be, it would not be an exaggeration to say that his career is at crisis point at the moment as he struggles to get a win of any sort, not helped at all by his broken wrist in Shanghai.

Hopefully now the birth of Lucy, a 7 pounds, 8 ounces healthy baby girl can inspire him to greater things and a move back up the rankings where he unquestionably belongs. It has been the case with some players in the past that fatherhood has proven to be a distraction, but it should be pointed out that this is his not the first time for him, already the proud father of a few year old Lewis Dott.

His first match in the UK Championship though could be a tough one as he looks likely to come up against another former world champion in Ken Doherty in Telford. Until recently Ken has also been struggling badly, but a few good wins in the Masters qualifying tournament might have given him the lift he needed and given him a bit of form. That said though, it could also be one of Liu Chuang, Dave Gilbert and another strong performer at the Masters, Mark Joyce who Dott comes up against, all potentially tough matches.