Have you got a snooker experience to share?

Have you attended some live snooker recently, or do you plan to in the near future? If so and you would like to share your experience with the readers of this blog, click below to find out what I have in mind…

In the last few weeks I have blogged about my experiences at the Premier League, the UK qualifiers and also those of Monique at the event in Hamm – all popular stories with people who read this site judging by the comments and hits that I have received.

Given this and the fact that unfortunately I cannot attend all of the events, I would like to invite stories or anecdotes from those who will be watching some live snooker this season, be it at one of the ranking events or perhaps an invitational event involving current or former players. Perhaps some of you will be at Telford next week?

In any case if you would like me to post your story, send it to me in an email at the usual address (see my ‘about’ page), and I will see if I can post it when I get an opportunity, of course giving full credit to you. Any photos would also be welcome!

Site update

While I’m here, a quick update on the site and how things are progressing. With over 50,000 views since I started the site back at the end of August, I’m starting to get it somewhere near where I want it at the moment, with the player profiles being largely done and photos in place for all of the main tour players.

Work is pretty much on hold for now though as while the UK Championship is on I expect to be pretty busy with that, as I was during the first BBC event of the season in October when the Grand Prix was on. Hopefully though I can keep up with the updates and try to provide more detailed match reports for those of you unable to see the matches.

Thanks for the kind messages and hopefully I can continue to come up with new ideas for the site as time goes by.