Cue Online

A slightly different post here to alert those of you who like your computer games to a free new game that will be coming out soon…

While I am not a big golf fan or anything like that, I have always been partial to a game of it on the computer and since around 2005 have been playing an online game called Shot Online. For a free game it is really very impressive and better than anything else out there that you can play at no cost.

Anyway, the people behind the game are now launching a billiards game, originally titled as Cue Online which over the next few days will go into beta testing. Though it does feature snooker, it is primarily a pool game and features a number of variations such as Carom, 3 cushion billiards, 8 ball and 9 ball pool. You can read more about the features over here.

The game appears to be available to download now and will be playable from tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what it is like.


Having downloaded and played the beta, the game appears to be promising and does indeed feature snooker, as well as nine other billiards games. There is a full tutorial, online lobbies, single player practice and other features such as an item shop.

From what I can tell the beta for today has now closed but there will be another chance to try the game from around 11pm on Wednesday night when there will be a further 24 hour beta.