World Series Update II

In response to the article (and the comments left) that I posted a few days ago relating to the World Series of Snooker, Pat Mooney who is the Chief Executive Officer for the organisation has left a detailed comment which I feel will benefit from its own post…

His comment is as follows:

“Response from the World Series of Snooker

Just to give some corrections to information on the site.

The first event of the World Series of Snooker 2009 will be the Grand Final in The Algarve Portugal 8/9/10th of May in Portimao. Full details of the draw and 16 competitors to be announced at the WSS website this week.

Sponsors are The City of Portimao, The Portugal Tourist Board, Le Meridien and one more significant Sponsor to be announced subject to final agreement.

The second event of 2009 and the first in the new Series will be in Killarney in Ireland Sponsored by Destination Killarney. Press release in Killarney 14th May with Jimmy White and Ken Doherty in attendance.

It is also worthwhile stating some actual facts,

The WSS has staged 4 events in Europe and had television firsts on all of them. For year one we promised excatly that and with the final all objectives set will have been achieved and more.

The cancelled events were on both occassions completely out of our control, firstly World Snooker moving the Shanghai event over our original Moscow date, then secondly moving the final from the Kremlin due to the significant impact the Finacial Crisis had on both currency and our event underwriters. However rather than simply rolling over, WSS managed to reschedule the Moscow date, and relocate and secure financial support for the Grand Final.

“Tired of low standards in production and playing.”

Those in attendance in Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow would probably have something to say about the event production and experience, as far as playing standards, I can only assume he is talking about the local players incorporated within the event in which case as with many he has missed the point completely. The objectives of The World Series is to create local interest in new countries by promoting and including the best that they currently have. The format and concept of short format has just been virually copied en masse by SRW so cant be too bad a TV spectical.

We hold our hands up as far as info on our site is concerned and this now has someone committed to addressing the content and delivery of up to date information.

Fact, In 2009, we will be in Portugal, Ireland, Germany, with offers to consider, Copenhagen, Prague, Madrid, Warsaw again, Istanbul, and London.

“No sponsors, constant changes to locations, lots of big-winded press releases, but no facts, no news, no deliverables actually being delivered.”

Sponsors in place, location changes dealt with, press releases that get exceptional amount of copy and series exposure, sorry I cant apologise for that as its actually what we set out to achieve, hopefully facts and deliverables evidenced by those who attend the events and watch them on Eurosport.

Anyone requiring specific up to date information regarding progress on events can contact us direct through the website at and you will get a response.

Pat Mooney
Chief Executive Officer
The World Series of Snooker”

Thanks to Pat for providing a thorough response to the points raised and for clarifying the details regarding the events planned for 2009. It is great to see that the people right at the top are happy to engage with those interested (see also their forum here), and it will hopefully encourage anyone else with an issue to get in touch with them.