Murphy gains Higgins revenge to capture World Series

Congratulations to Shaun Murphy who has gained a measure of revenge over John Higgins tonight for last week’s World final by defeating the Scotsman 6-2 to capture the inaugural World Series Grand Final out in Portugal…

Having both come through close matches to reach tonight’s final it looked like we were in for another close affair as they went into the mid-session interval level at 2-2. From there though Murphy managed to step up a gear as he made back to back centuries to move 4-2 in front before the next couple of frames were more scrappy affairs. John did have his chances in both but perhaps understandably was not at his best and Shaun managed to come through to take a 6-2 victory and a rather nice little glass trophy.

But while there was a trophy and a 50,000 euros first prize up for grabs, it was obvious from the body language of the two players that the result was not of paramount importance tonight. Indeed what the World Series is all about is bringing snooker to fans in mainland Europe and promoting the game overseas, an aim that has clearly been achieved this weekend as the crowd figures in Portugal have risen from single figures at times on Friday to over 200 (according to David Hendon’s Snooker Scene Blog), yesterday and 350 today. Also from what Dave (and commenters on his blog), have said it sounds like the promotion of the event over in Portgual has been good, perhaps something that the tournaments over here could learn from.

I did not manage to see as much as I would have liked but it is good to see a mix of the established players doing well, but also the likes of 14-year-old Belgian prodigy Luca Brecel looking totally at home against the big names and managing to make it all the way to the final. I’m sure that it will not be the last that we see of the European U19’s Champion and you can read some interesting quotes from Graeme Dott about him over at the World Series website here.

The only slightly negative comment that I would have on this weekend is perhaps the obvious one, that of the camera angle used by Eurosport to show the table. Personally as somebody so used to the ‘normal’ camera position, it meant that I found the tournament difficult to watch and hopefully it is something that can be resolved for the future.

Speaking of the future, we will not have long to wait for the start of the 2009/10 season as that gets underway next week in Killarney. For more information on the event, click here.

  • DanielH

    About the camera angle: there was a problem with the local organiser, who sold tickets for all 4 tribunes. So Eurosport couldn’t build some kind of a “tower” to get the right angle for the camera – some visitors wouldn’t see anything.

    Rolf Kalb (german eurosport commentator) said, if that will happen again, then they won’t even broadcast 😉 . (hopefully I’m not wrong about that statement ;P)

  • matt2745

    Ah I see, was wondering why they didn’t change it after a day or something. I guess it wasn’t the end of the world, maybe I expect too much!

  • George McCauley

    God i’m sorry but the table looked awful everytime i was watching it, every long pot they took on looked eas and close! i think the table wasn’t as good, thats me probably saying that because Higgins lost in the final :(.

    But it’s a shame John didn’t bring his crucible for into the world series, i watched the final and the simple fact was after the interval, Higgins missed balls when in and with a chance and Murphy was taking his chances. John admitted he hasn’t picked up a cue since winning the worlds, hope he gets back in form in time for the new season and hopefull world number 1!!!! :)

  • (The Snooker Forum)

    I recorded the final on Sky+ and hope to watch it soon. The camera angle was a little annoying but you can’t complain. Everybody would rather have a camera angle like it was than no camera angle at all…because of no cameras!

    I wonder what the camera angle will be like in Ireland this week!