Star to provide World Snooker tables

Since their introduction back in 2004/5 the silver legged Riley tables used on the main tour have divided opinions, but  following an announcement from World Snooker today that Star Tables are to take over, it looks like we may have to get used to a golden design for next season…

During the course of the last few years, Star Tables have been used at events such as the China Open and Shanghai Masters, as well as the Premier League so they are hardly new to the tournament scene. Now however it has been announced that they will be used for all ranking and invitational events worldwide (excluding those in China), including the qualifiers at Pontin’s Prestatyn and the English Institute for Sport in Sheffield.

While the change should not have any impact on the game itself, aesthetically it will be a bit of a change as the silver tables seen previously have become so familiar given their extensive use. Personally I quite liked them, though I know some prefer a more traditional approach.

What do you think? Does it matter at all?