Media Corner

While the last few weeks have been predictably quiet on the snooker front (until today funnily enough), the positive side to this is that it has given me time to work on other aspects of PSB, not least the media page…

Yes while my posts have been less frequent recently I have been working on the site and finally I am pleased to report that what used to be the ‘tv/commentary’ page has now been given a revamp and importantly, the vast majority of the profiles have been written.

If you spot any errors or are aware of any facts that I have currently left blank, please get in touch.

On a similar theme, I am currently updating the referees page and would like to thank both Andy Yates and Greg Conoglio for their extensive help with their profiles.

Hopefully by the start of the season these, and indeed all of the other pages will be significantly improved. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, again do not hesitate to drop me an email.