Thanks for the pictures!!!!

  • doey

    walden was hiding?

  • Bryan

    Matt, i don’t say thanks enough to you. But without you we would have had no insight into this event so thank you very much for all your posts and for keeping us informed on the Pro Challenge.

  • Nicky

    Great site. Was interesting to see Joe Swail picking the balls out for Ken Doherty. Were there no refs in place?

  • matt2745

    The only ref there was Eirian Williams and he was doing admin stuff rather than actual refereeing. There was one moment during the match between Ricky Walden and Ben Woollaston where they could not decide whether it was a free ball or not and they called him over, but otherwise they did it all themselves.

    Was quite funny last week to see Harold and Lawler debating the scores, they weren’t the only ones either. All very sporting though.

  • matt2745

    On Ricky by the way, my battery went by the time he got on the main table.

  • Craig


  • Nicky

    Just a thing on the reffing. Can u imagine a small pro tennis tournament with no umpires, it would be ridiculous. Surely World Snooker could have got refs from somewhere. I honestly can’t believe their attitude and general lack of professionalism. No wonder all the big names turned their backs on the event. If the general public knew this and some of the more critical journalists found out the sport would be laughed at even more than it probably now

  • matt2745

    You say that but in tennis at the Futures events they also have no umpires and have to keep the score and call the shots themselves. These are tournaments with a €12k prize to the top winner in some instances so I guess it isn’t just snooker.

    Obviously it’s not ideal and could be open to abuse but it’s not just snooker.