Rocket Boost for Snooker Players Association

Interesting news from the guys over at tonight as they are reporting that world number one Ronnie O’Sullivan has become the latest player to sign up to the new Snooker Players Association…

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If accurate, this is surely a significant boost for the fledgling organisation as it seeks to establish itself as a credible body on behalf of snooker players everywhere.

Given the various issues and controversies that seem to crop up all too often inside the game it strikes me as surprising that such a body has not been established before now. Now that steps have been taken to establish the Association however, I would be disappointed if too many players were to opt out and even more so with the presence of Steve Davis as President and now Ronnie.

How much success the SPA will have in practice remains to be seen but if they can fulfil their stated aims of adding more ranking events to the calendar and helping to avoid situations like that which affected Bahrain last season, then it can only be a positive development for everyone…

  • Monique

    The news is also reported by the dayly mail : . I’m not one to slag off WPBSA for the sake of it but having the same body in charge of various roles: organising the game, being the disciplinary body and being the players association isn’t healthy. It inevitably leads to conflicts of interest. So in my eyes this is goos news. the SPA needs to take off and needs the top boys support.

  • matt2745

    Ah I had a look at the Daily Mail website but couldn’t see it. Ta.


    it was published in daily mail, on that site…Ronnie O’Sullivan is hardly your typical union man but the multimillionaire maverick has paid his £50 subscription to join the new Snooker Players’ Association.

    The World No 1, a frequent critic of snooker’s powers, will surely give the SPA extra clout as they press the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association for a greater say in how the sport is run.

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