Pro Challenge Series 2009/10: Event Three to be staged at Willie Thorne Snooker Centre

News has been thin on the ground concerning the Pro Challenge Series recently but World Snooker have now confirmed the venue for the third event of the series as snooker heads to Leicester…

Yes the third Pro Challenge Series event will take place between Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th November at the Willie Thorne Snooker Centre in Leicester. Having attended the first event of the series in Leeds I can say that anyone wishing to go will have a good day out and no doubt be fascinated by how relaxed and open everything is in comparison to the more serious ranking event tournaments. Please visit my archive page if you did not see my reports at the time.

You can find details on how to find the venue by clicking this link and details on the club itself by visiting their website here.

  • Sammy@SnookerSceney

    UP NOrth again

  • MattWilson

    Wow, I’m really very surprised at this decision.

    I’ll be very interested to hear the views of the players on the playing conditions at WT’s!


  • Goldspark

    Leicester is hardly up north.

  • matt2745

    I was going to say about Leicester 😀

    Have you played there Matt?

  • Snooker Accessories

    Snooker seems to be in trouble, it is up to the top players to step up and help

  • MattWilson

    Yeah played at WT’s a few times. A good pro-am venue (number of tables and facilities). Just a little surprised!

    There are about 10 tables in the main hall, with another 7 or 8 upstairs and a few others dotted around the building. I’m presuming they will only use the main hall, as this is where Willie’s match table is and it would make sense to have players playing in the same room.

    Like I said will be interesting to hear the players’ views on the choice of venue.