Picture Perfect: Premier League 2009

As promised, here are the best of my many (134 to be exact), photos taken at the Premier League in Grimsby last night. I will also be adding a further video to my new YouTube channel soon…

The Arena

The STAR table, now in silver/black

The scoreboard, showing how many seconds the players have left as well as the amount of time-outs used at the bottom. They have some nice flat-screen TV’s this year!

The TV screen above the table which showed the SkySports coverage throughout the match. Caught Hendry looking up at them a few times.

The logo

An advertisement for the competition


Stephen makes his entrance
The pre-match handshake

Following their 3-3 draw they were both interviewed and I managed to get a few photos of what was an entertaining exchange…

Before Ronnie signed a few autographs


Marco is interviewed by Andy Goldstein

And Paul Collier spots the blue ahead of their match

After which Shaun checks his progress up the table

And chats to Andy about it


MC John McDonald gets the crowd going

And then introduces the players, this time O’Sullivan
Andy Goldstein and former Masters finalist Mike Hallett preview the evening’s action