Brecel joins 110sport

14-year-old Belgian Luca Brecel has become the latest player to join the 110sport management group, following in the footsteps of players like Mark Allen, Ken Doherty and of course, Stephen Hendry…

To view the press release over at 110sport’s website please click here.

Obviously a very talented player, hopefully Luca will be just one of a number of them who comes through from mainland Europe in the next few years. By signing up with 110sport he has certainly done his chances no harm and like players such as Michael White and Mark Allen, I would expect him to benefit hugely from the input of 110sport Director of Coaching Terry Griffiths.

Hopefully however fans will give him time to develop and try to keep expectations in check. He has been much-hyped over the last 12 months, particularly following his European U-19 Championship triumph and his impressive performances against the pros in the World Series, but he is still young and has a lot to learn. Just as Ding Junhui has had to bear the burden of represent China almost single-handedly for a number of years (though Liang Wenbo has now changed that), and arguably suffered as a result, I fear that the same could happen to Luca.

Also I sometimes feel that other players such as Judd Trump are sometimes judged quite harshly because of their success as a junior and I hope that Luca does not fall into this category.

Best of luck to him!