Lee Arrested as Match-Fixing Arises Again

Snooker has not been far from match-fixing in recent times, most famously with the Stephen Maguire/Jamie Burnett row, and disappointingly its name is being dragged through the mud again this morning with the arrest of Stephen Lee as part of an investigation into suspicious betting patterns.

West Midlands Police confirmed the arrest of the 35 year-old former world number five, and whilst no further information is available at present, it’s not great publicity for the sport and raises further concerns as to the integrity of the individuals plying their trade in it.

World Snooker has issued a statement this morning in response to the news:

“We are aware of the recent news articles concerning match fixing and are awaiting further reports. In instances where the Gambling Commission commences an investigation into a match, the WPBSA works together with the Commission to assist in its enquiries and the WPBSA will hold its own investigation open pending the conclusion. However, neither the Commission nor the WPBSA will release information surrounding a betting matter while an investigation is ongoing.”

More on this story as it develops.