Snooker on the Internet 2010

Twelve months ago here at this very website I took a look at some of the finest snooker websites on the internet and while many of those websites are still at the top of my list when looking for snooker news, there are also a couple of new websites that now deserve a mention…

Before I get onto those however, I cannot ignore again mentioning the ‘big two’ – Snooker Scene Blog and Global Snooker which between them manage to address almost every angle when it comes to snooker. Dave Hendon’s blog may have a new layout but the content is still as ahead of the game as it has been for the past four years and Global Snooker remains second to none as far as live scores and international news is concerned.

So what about the newcomers?

For me the best new snooker website to spring up during the last twelve months is The Snookerbacker Blog which is entertaining, informative and regularly updated, three factors that are always going to tempt me into adding a website to my favourites list. Obviously the website has a betting angle to it, but even those not interested in the occasional flutter could not fail to be entertained by ‘The Willies’ I suspect.

Although not a snooker specific website, Nick Harris’ excellent Sporting Intelligence is also well worthy of a mention here if only for the excellent work they have done in relation to the ongoing John Higgins investigation. While there are hundreds of websites out there all carrying the same, obvious observations on the whole affair, Nick has uncovered some genuinely interesting facts on the sting and helped shed some much needed light on the story.

More than that however, for fans of other sports such as football and tennis like myself, there is always an interesting story to be found over there.

One of my major gripes last year was the lack of quality websites of the players and unfortunately this has not improved a great deal since with Mark Selby’s website remaining comfortably at the top of the tree, his blog in particular being the star of the show.

The 110sport players are however better served now as their new(ish) homepage is consistently updated with interviews, videos and news articles on their (now many) players.

Finally I should also give a mention to the official World Snooker website which while pretty poor at present in terms of presentation and accessibility (although the content is as good as it has ever been), is soon to undergo a significant overhaul which will be interesting to see…

Those aside there are not too many new websites that I am aware of, although I know there are some international websites but my flaws language skills mean that I cannot really comment as to their quality or otherwise!

Are there any other top snooker websites that you feel deserve a mention? Feel free to comment below…