Ranking Event Tariffs Released

Following on from my previous posts and my updated provisional rankings page, World Snooker have now released the ranking points schedule for the 2010/11 season and following on from the controversy over on Snooker Scene Blog in relation to the new system, the schedule has added to that further…

EDIT: Note that my provisional rankings have now been updated with minimum points for the Shanghai Masters and World Open added. Feel free to leave a comment if you spot any errors…

To view the schedule, please click here.

As you can see, much remains unchanged with the points for the World Championship, UK Championship, Shanghai Masters, Welsh Open and China Open remaining unchanged.

What has proved to be the major talking point however is the fact that the winner of the World Open will receive 7,000 points, the same amount as the winner of both the events over in China.

On the fact of it this might seem logical, but when you consider that due to the much shorter format of the World Open with its best of five matches up until the semi-finals, the winner will presumably have to win significantly fewer frames than the winner of the more traditional tournaments.

Presumably this is an attempt by the governing body to enhance the prestige of their new tournament in an effort to persuade both the players and the BBC that it can be a success, but it would have surely made more sense to award the winner 5,000 points as they have with the new European Masters event. Personally I’m not sure that I would even set it that high to be honest…

Anyway I will at least now be able to fill in a few more blanks by updating my provisional rankings with the minimum points that will be earned by the players during the coming months. Hopefully that will not confuse people even more!

As many will have noticed my list does differ to that published on both the World Snooker and Global Snooker websites at present. This is because I have removed the points that the players earned during the first three events of 2008/9 as when the rankings are revised come October 2010, these events will be removed. I therefore think that I may as well remove those now and hopefully present a more accurate picture as to how the rankings will look on their first revision.