Shanghai Masters 2010: Last 16 Review

Rankings updated…

Shaun Murphy, Stephen Maguire and Ding Junhui headed the list of casualties today as by and large, the players that needed to win the most today for their ranking – did so.

Today’s results:

Jamie Burnett 5-0 Andrew Higginson
31055, 15-78, 0-102(60), 12-66, 6-55

Mark Davis 5-3 Stephen Maguire
23-85, 74(51)-0, 78-0, 41-51, 100(100)-18, 32-70, 15-73, 4-84(53)

Mark Williams 4-5 Graeme Dott
27-67(65), 76-33, 0-87, 22-69, 62-37, 64-41, 36-63(61), 83(83)-0, 0-71(70)

Jamie Cope 5-1 Ding Junhui
62-18, 6-98, 42-74, 23-75(72), 63-75, 0-145(100)

Allister Carter 5-3 Stuart Bingham
77-0, 78-0, 10-72, 27-89(76), 105(58)-10, 19-60, 79(72)-34, 64-6

Shaun Murphy 2-5 Matthew Stevens
65-73, 39-67, 25-80(62), 75-47, 0-85, 72(72)-0, 9-71

Mark Selby 5-4 Martin Gould
0-129(74), 65-56, 63-53, 53-24, 0-85, 7-120(101), 75-0, 73-94, 73(73)-20

Mark King 5-3 Peter Ebdon
127(100)-0, 48-58, 59-10, 70(57)-1, 71(66)-11, 49-66, 39-67, 60-15

  • Well so much for the Higginson v Maguire quarter-final that I predicted yesterday! Instead we will see Jamie Burnett in his first quarter-final for twelve years and Mark Davis in his first since 2001, meaning that is now guaranteed to reach a semi-final for the very first time! I would have to back Mark Davis to progress given his outstanding form during the past couple of seasons but on the day anything could happen and Jamie’s 5-0 victory over Andrew Higginson today was more than impressive.
  • The battle for the two newly available top 16 places intensified today as Mark Davis, Matthew Stevens and Jamie Cope all won today while Peter Ebdon suffered a potentially damaging defeat at the hands of Mark King. I am pleased to see King win because although he is not a ranking event winner, he has consistently won matches during the past couple of seasons and does not deserve the criticism that he receives from some quarters.
  • That said, I do not expect him to beat Mark Selby who came through today against Martin Gould by the skin of his teeth, despite making no breaks of substance. You never know though, King has beaten Selby before of course, at the Crucible back in 2008 no less…
  • Meanwhile I am also delighted to see both Matthew Stevens and Graeme Dott in the quarter-finals, two players who have been through a barren spell but are now moving back up the rankings again and putting themselves in contention to win this week. The way the draw is opening up, who knows, perhaps they could end up meeting in the final?

So predictions for tomorrow? After my shocking last 16 calls, I am going to tip Mark Davis to see off Jamie Burnett, Graeme Dott to get the better of Jamie Cope, Matthew Stevens to defeat Ali Carter and Mark Selby to gain some revenge over Mark King.

  • Isak

    I’d kill to see Selby-Stevens in the Semis! What a game that’d be :)