Rankings: Help!

Earlier on today I had a query regarding my provisional seedings list and having studied the lists for the last hour or so am left somewhat stumped as to the answer. Am I going mad?

Click here for my provisional list.

Click here for the equivalent list on Global.

Click here for the official rankings on the WPBSA website.

So what’s the issue? Looking at the other two lists, their amounts differ to mine which at first glance is not all that surprising as for example I have included minimum points for the UK Championship which neither of the other sites have done.

Take though the case of Jimmy Robertson. On the official list he has 14362 (which becomes 12900 once removing the BC/UK 2008 points), on Global Snooker he has 12900, whilst on mine he has 14180.

If I remove the minimum points that I have given Jimmy for the UK Championship (520), in theory my list should match up to that on Global Snooker but instead stands at 13660. Furthermore as far as I can see, his total on the WSA site should be 15122 which is made up of 3657 from 2008/9, 6540 from 2009/10 and 4925.

Now the obvious answer to this is that both Global Snooker and World Snooker have failed to add on the 760 that Robertson earned at the recent PTC5 weekend, which would account for the differences in the totals. Surely both of those sites have not made the same mistake though, especially World Snooker who really should have it right even if nobody else has.

So by that logic I must be missing something, but what? I know that there are many of you out there as obsessed by the rankings as I am so I look forward to hearing from you!