EPTC4: Tickets on sale for MIUS Cup

All season snooker fans have clamoured for the chance to watch some of the new Players Tour Championship events and now that will be possible at the upcoming EPTC4 event (aka the MIUS Cup), to be staged at the Southwest Snooker Academy in Gloucester as selected matches from the event should be streamed online. What is more however, fans will also be able to attend the venue to watch matches live and you can find details of how you can do so below…

Click here to visit the tickets page on the website of the Southwest Snooker Academy.

As you can see, tickets are available for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for both the arena and or the ‘pods’ as they are described on there. Having visited the venue (see my photo gallery here), I have seen the set-up downstairs of four tables, at present without dividers and understand that directly above are four identical tables bringing the total to eight. There is a small section of seating in front of each which you can see on the photo below.

Elsewhere in the venue meanwhile there is of course the main arena which seats 361 people while there are a further three practice tables which may or may not be deployed for this event.

Presumably the tournament will run as the previous events have to date, eg with half of the draw playing down to the last 16 on the Friday, the other half doing the same on the Saturday before the tournament is then completed on the final Sunday. There will also be a plate competition as the event having been moved here from Germany is still technically an EPTC event, so there will be plenty of snooker to watch for anyone planning to attend on the final day.

The entry list for the tournament is as ever excellent, although I am not sure whether this will be affected by the Power Snooker event which is to be staged on the Saturday. Presumably those players involved on the Friday will be able to compete in both events should they wish to.

Hopefully I will be able to get down to Gloucester for the event and provide you with updates from what is bound to be the first of many great weekends of ranking event snooker at the SWSA during the next few years.