Wasley’s Blog: March 2011

On Q Promotions

Following on from his January blog, Michael Wasley is back again at PSB as he talks about his first 147, cooking and the Valentine’s date from hell! Read on…

Hello all,

Here is my second blog. I hope you all enjoy it.

This last month has been busy and enjoyable for me on and off the table. It started right at the beginning of February (1st) when I made my first 147 against my fellow On Q Player and regular practice partner Robert Milkins.

Compiling my first 147 in a match gave me a great buzz and inspired me to push on further, which moves me onto my next achievement – winning the 2nd QSP. I won’t mention or go into any detail for the first event, all I’m saying is that I suffered a first round defeat!

I have been putting in many hard hours on the snooker table as well as doing other things off the table too.

I have recently moved house into my own place. It’s a pretty big step and is also very quiet but I’m enjoying it so far. I’m still getting used to the idea of cooking for myself, lets just say… It’s getting better!

That is one of my other interests actually, cooking. I’m always up for learning new skills in the kitchen and have added many more dishes to the Wasley special menus. You never know when it might come in handy, a hot date maybe, but I don’t think I’m that lucky ha ha!

On Q Promotions

Juggling through moving houses and practising proved to be pretty tiring and it showed at my next event in the EASB Pro Ticket Tour, I lost in the quarter finals although my game and confidence was still there, I just wasn’t sharp enough and it showed that I just wasn’t on my A game. I’ve learnt from that to organise my time more efficiently if I were to come across a situation like that again.

Also I learned on the snooker table that my C game has improved much more and I am able to still win matches with it, so for that I was pleased.

I would have loved to have win that tournament as it would have been on the date of my dad’s (Trevor Wasley ) 60th birthday. But I have dedicated my first 147 and QSP Victory to him.

After the Pro Ticket I continued my preparation to attempt to win back to back QSP events, but unfortunately I lost in the Quarter Finals of Event 3, but again, from this event I learned lots. It’s fair to say that in my Quarter final match I lost focus and could not get it back.

I found myself taking on ridiculous shots as well as silly rescue shots, gifting my opponent with an easy opportunity which he then took. I’ve now learnt that you cannot do that against top players, or any player for that matter.

I’m sure that giving I was in that situation again, now I have learnt from that experience I would find my way to victory, or at least given myself the best opportunity for a victory.

Back to QSP 2, the event I won. That gave me a great feeling and from that I can take away lots. You can keep up to date with all the QSP events and rankings at www.southwestsnookeracademy.com

I’ve also learnt that I can learn just as much from a victory as I can from a loss. I’ve gained a new found confidence on the table and am now able to find inner strength to win matches even when my back is against the wall. Also sealing a victory whilst under pressure has become a lot easier. I no longer think of the victory or money, I just think of the pot ahead and where I want my cue ball to be.

I feel myself improving more and more everyday thanks to Paul and SWSA but there’s still many more aspects of my game that I need to work on and want to improve, especially if I want to succeed.

All of this steady preparation is building me up for that all important Q School in May. My aim is to prepare myself so well that I will give myself the best opportunity in succeeding in one of the Q School events to get my ticket and progress to the main tour.

On Q Promotions

Enough of ‘On the table’. This month hasn’t been a particularly good month for me financially, as I have had to spend a fortune on my car. First it was the MOT and the brakes failed so I needed a whole new set of brakes, then after I won the QSP I had to have a new clutch… GREAT! Then to top it all off I woke up on Monday morning 14 February to find out that my car had been broken into! All they had stolen was the stereo so more money needed to but a new one.

But it doesn’t stop there, it gets worse!

Being Valentines Day I had a table booked for a hot date that night, everything was going great, she looked the part and the conversation was great too. The food was unbelievable, everything was great up until the bill came.

Smooth as I could be I pulled out my wallet and attempted to pull my bank cards out… Little did I know they weren’t in there! I’d lost them both and £5 cash I had wasn’t enough! Its a pity I didn’t take her to McDonalds!

I quietly walked to the bar and explained the situation, the guy understood and I was able to pay the next day, great!

I thought everything was still going okay but little did I know! She must have been so embarrassed by events that the conversation dried up in the car journey home and I never heard from her again… Poor me!

So there we have my hectic, exciting, good, bad and funny (all at my expense) second blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I will post again soon so keep a look out for My Space!

Keep it real people, Micky Wazza!