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Roll Call 2011/12: More Details Emerge

Each year my roll call article is one of the most popular pages on this site and 2011 has been no exception as speculation as to who the 96 (now 100), main tour players next season will be has intensified. Today World Snooker have very helpfully decided to post a very similar list during which they have confirmed a few very important details…

  • To view the official list please click here.

The first and most obvious issue to arise from the World Snooker list is that as had been speculated during the comments section of my previous article, wildcards have been handed to James Wattana, Luca Brecel, Yu Delu and Lucky Vatnani.

The important clarification however is that these four players will not take the place of others who had already qualified for the tour but they are in addition to the usual figure of 96. I subsequently raised the question of how this will work in terms of the qualification stage of ranking events and it was confirmed to me on Twitter that:

“There will be an extra round with four matches – like the World Championship qualifiers.”

As far as the identities of the other players are concerned there are no surprises, although the Republic of Ireland nomination has yet to be confirmed by World Snooker.

On another note I also asked the guys at World Snooker via Twitter when the details of the rankings points schedule for next season will be released and was told that this would be available very shortly. As soon as this is done I will be able to put together a new provisional rankings list that I know that a few people are keen to see so do stay tuned for that one…


  • Mark

    Do you think that this increase from 96 players to 100 is to provide a buffer should players drop off the tour during the season, as I believe 3 did last year? Thus, preventing a situation where byes are awarded during the qualifying round, as had to be done towards the end of last season.

    • matt2745

      I don’t think that is the intention, although it may well be an effect.

      From the outside my guess is that with the interest in China, the imminent World Cup in Thailand and a rumoured tournament in India, the motive for the wildcards is more commercial than anything else.

      As for Brecel, having qualified for the main tour twice already and been denied a place due to his age, nobody can argue that he doesn’t deserve a place.

  • Mark

    Will the wildcards have to start off in preliminary qualifying as they have done in the past, or will it be based on whoever is ranked 93-100 at the time?

    • matt2745

      In short I don’t know, though at the World Championship it was the four lowest ranked players at the final cut off point who were forced to play the prelims. Well, two were as Davies/Michie had already retired of course.

  • Mark

    I wonder if the Q school entrants were informed of this change before they entered. As now, it means that even if they get on to the Main Tour they would possibly now have to win 3 matches before earning any money, rather than 2 as has previously been the case for new entrants

    • likahokeith

      But they will got double points in Last 96

      • ddrIII

        “But they will got double points in Last 96”

        This is not yet confirm.

  • tazmania

    It will be interesting now with a new cut off section that has to play an extra round which will be the 92-100 ranked players, Players in the 80-100 rankings section will now have another battle to fight against having to play an extra round. They will have to try to avoid it in each revision

  • matt2745

    Have had it confirmed that losers in the pre-qualifying round will receive the same points as last 96 losers, but that there will be no extra points for winning a pre-qualifier.