PTC11, 12: Venues Confirmed

Following on from news of the Masters draw, World Snooker have also confirmed the venues for the final two regular PTC events of 2011/12, though the venue of the Grand Finals next year remains a mystery. Click below for more…

As rumoured, PTC11 which had originally been pencilled in as being held in Europe, will now be held at the Academy in Sheffield (ok so it is still in Europe), which will no doubt come as good news for players hoping to cut save on expenses as the season progresses.

Interestingly however, for the first time there will also be a TV table at the Academy inside the Badminton Halls which will hopefully help to avoid some of the problems caused this season by a shortage of spare tables at times when a match has overrun. The event will be staged between 15-19 December 2011, depending on entries and it will be interesting to see whether spectators are allowed into the main table.

PTC12 meanwhile will be staged in Fuerstenfeld, Munich between the 5-8 January 2012 and I believe that tickets are available by clicking here, though I must admit that my German isn’t the best!

As for the Grand Finals, nothing has been confirmed yet although rumours ranging from Dublin to Malta appear to be circulating at the moment. No doubt that we will soon find out, though sandwiched between two events in China it will be interesting to see how the players cope with the travel if indeed it is to return to Dublin.