O’Sullivan Withdraws From Shootout

Interesting news today as while I have not heard anything official (EDIT: This has now been confirmed by World Snooker), it would appear that three-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan has opted not to enter this season’s Sky Shootout tournament in Blackpool in January. The reason for it remains unclear but what it does mean is that Welshman Michael White will now take his place in the 64 man draw, having been slightly unfortunate to miss out in the first place having been pipped by Joe Swail at the last mid-season seedings revision.


  • Monique

    “Withdraws” is not actually correct if he did not enter. It’s not the same thing.
    As for the reasons if this is true – which I believe it is – my guess is that it’s a non ranking event, run over a week-end only two days before the German Masters. With the calendar being pretty full, a week-end to be spend with family and friends might have been more valued than a fun but rather pointless event.
    Only my “read” of it BTW.

  • Trevorp

    Well the top 64 automatically qualify so it is withdrawing from it,but its a mickey mouse event really no big deal.

  • snookerace

    Ronnie is getting to be more of a numpty then ever. He knows his withdrawal will cause major publicity, which is good in one way, but not the publicity we need, with him withdrawing.

    The paying public pay to see all the stars, not just Ronnie, but they always look forward to seeing him the most. We know its not a ranking tourney. We know its not important. Its a bit of fun, so why doesn’t he just lighten up and get a life and go with the flow.

    The feedback last season from the players and the public was brilliant for this tournament. You would of thought this was ideal for Ronnie, quick fire, one frame snooker. Could be home in a jiffy.

    You just cannot seem to please the lad anymore. He knows he’s the biggest draw in the game and the people love him. But now you can pick and choose what events to go in, he’s got it all his own way.

    Personally, i think Ronnies behaving like a spoilt little brat that he has always been, if he don’t get his own way, he whinges. If he gets his own way he whinges. Ronnie lad, do us all a favour. Grow up boy. Your a brilliant talented snooker player. Your career will be over before you know it son. Make the most of it and try behaving more like a professional instead of the immature little child that you seem to want to portray!

  • ANON

    Is there any truth in the suggestion that he is not playing because of his ‘commitments’ to Power Snooker (and the very obvious competition between these 2 tournaments now they are being held only six weeks and fifty miles apart).

    If so Hearn must be tearing his hair out – after bending over backwards to get snooker back on Sky the game’s biggest draw cannot be bothered to play – in a 2 day event!

  • kildare cueman

    He didn’t withdraw. The top 64 are invited, not automatically entered. Withdrawal is when a player enters and then decides not to play. While O’Sullivan has been a pain before, he is perfectly within his rights. I think Monicas theory is probably right.

  • anon

    Jimmy and Ronnie played an exhibition in Blackburn on 1 February this yeae. Jimmy has a pretty tough draw for the German Masters (likely to be playing Ebdon in the last 48).

    If Jimmy fails to qualify for the German Masters what are the chances of Ronnie scrubbing on “medical grounds” only to show up playing an exhibition again?