German Masters Ranking Points – An Explanation

The subject of much debate on Twitter today, a few people have been asking why I am not updating my projected seedings list during this week’s German Masters qualifiers. Please click below for an explanation as to why this is the case…


Following the first mid-season revision to the seedings list used for world ranking events back in October, the second revision will come after the conclusion of the PTC12 event to be held in Munich in January.

While this week’s qualifiers for the German Masters are taking place before this time however, it is the case that the points earned during the event will not be added to the official ranking list until the conclusion of the venue stages of the German Masters tournament in early February 2012.

Because of this, players have just the next three PTC events during which to gain more rankings points before that second cut-off in January. This seedings list will then be used to determine the seedings for the Welsh Open, China Open and World Open tournaments.

The third mid-season cut-off comes after the Welsh Open when the all-important World Championship places will be determined. Note then that the points gained during the World Open and China Open tournaments will not count towards seedings for the World Championship.

Back to the German Masters, what this means is that the points earned this week will be added to my ‘third’ provisional list which will be up on PSB following the PTC12 list and will run through to the end of the Welsh Open.

Please feel free to email me, leave a comment or ask on Twitter if you are still not sure.