Fu Hits Second Career Max In World Open Qualifiers

Congratulations to Marco Fu who has this morning made the second maximum break of his professional career in the sixth frame of his last 48 match against Matt Selt. The 86th 147 in professional competition and the first of 2012, the break puts Marco 4-2 ahead and at the time of writing within a frame of a place at the venue. Provided that nobody else makes one in the competition, the break will also earn Marco a £500 bonus, though given the recent flurry of maximum breaks that is hardly something that can be taken for granted.

As a side-note, the break also represents the fourth professional 147 officiated by referee Andy Yates, following those of Tom Ford, Liang Wenbo and Kurt Maflin in previous seasons.

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  • ddrIII

    All of us from Hong Kong still very, very excited now!!

  • ddrIII

    Matt, any evidence that this maximum only earn an extra 500 pounds?

    • matt2745

      It can only be because Dunn made one during the German Masters qualifiers, resetting the rolling prize for non-PTC/non-TV matches

  • ddrIII

    Thanks for the information.

    I would say it is very lucky that this match was on Table 1. Nearly crying.