2012/13 Roll Call

With the 2012/13 season now in its final week for the professionals, it is time to look ahead to next season and see how the 100 available main tour places look like being filled. Click below for the latest breakdown and summary as to who will be on the professional circuit in the final season before it is increased to 128 players…

Updated 20/05/2012

For a full explanation of how the tour places are allocated, please see my previous article here.

The players currently confirmed to be on the main tour are as follows:

The Top 64

These players finished inside the top 64 on the two year rankings and so will retain their place on the circuit as a result.


(provisional rankings as of 01/05/2012)

1 Mark Selby

2 Judd Trump

3 Mark Williams

4 John Higgins

5 Stephen Maguire

6 Shaun Murphy

7 Neil Robertson

8 Stephen Lee

9 Ding Junhui

10 Matthew Stevens

11 Mark Allen

12 Graeme Dott

13 Ronnie O’Sullivan

14 Martin Gould

15 Ricky Walden

16 Stuart Bingham



17 Ali Carter

18 Andrew Higginson

19 Mark Davis

20 Peter Ebdon

21 Stephen Hendry – RETIRED

22 Barry Hawkins

23 Dominic Dale

24 Joe Perry

25 Marcus Campbell

26 Tom Ford

27 Jamie Cope

28 Marco Fu

29 Ryan Day

30 Jamie Jones

31 Mark King

32 Anthony Hamilton


33 Michael Holt

34 Fergal O’Brien

35 Ken Doherty

36 Robert Milkins

37 Liang Wenbo

38 Rory McLeod

39 Jamie Burnett

40 Jack Lisowski

41 Xiao Guodong

42 Gerard Greene

43 Ben Woollaston

44 Matthew Selt

45 Nigel Bond

46 Jimmy White

47 Joe Jogia

48 Dave Harold


49 Mike Dunn

50 Anthony McGill

51 Steve Davis

52 Alan McManus

53 Peter Lines

54 Michael White

55 Jimmy Robertson

56 Liu Chuang

57 David Gilbert

58 Yu Delu

59 Mark Joyce

60 Alfie Burden

61 Andy Hicks

62 Adam Duffy

63 James Wattana

64 Barry Pinches


The PTC 8 (Top Eight on the PTC List Not Already On Tour)

These are the top eight players on the 2010/11 PTC Order of Merit not already on the tour via the two year list

  1. Li Yan
  2. Passakorn Suwannawat
  3. Simon Bedford
  4. Dechawat Poomjaeng
  5. Craig Steadman
  6. Kurt Maflin
  7. David Grace
  8. Liam Highfield

Then a further 12 will be promoted from the Q School and these are as follows:

– Sam Baird (2011 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Martin O’Donnell (2011 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Chen Zhe (2011 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Ian Burns (2011 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Sean O’Sullivan (2011 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Paul Davison (2011 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Jamie O’Neill (2011 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Daniel Wells (2011 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Joel Walker (2011 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)

– Rod Lawler (2011 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)

– Michael Wasley (2011 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)

– Robbie Williams (2011 Q School Event Three semi-finalist)

The remaining players come from a mix of other amateur/international competitions . At present that looks to be shaping up as follows:

– Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (2011 IBSF World Champion)

– Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (2011 IBSF World Under 21 Champion)


– Michael Leslie (2012 European U-21 Champion)

– ? (2012 European Champion)


– Pankaj Advani (ACBS) – source

– Zhang Anda – runner-up to Ayouri (already nominated) (2012 Asian U-21 Champion)


– Cao Yupeng (China Nomination)

– Tian Pengfei (China Nomination)

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (Thailand Nomination)

– Aditya Mehta (Indian Nomination) – source

– Tony Drago (European Nomination) – source

– Luca Brecel (European Nomination) – source

– Floyd Zeigler (Americas Nomination) – source

Ben Judge (Oceania Nomination)

– Mohamed Khairy (Africa Nomination) – source


  • snoopy2608

    Presumably Pankaj Advani or alternatively Noppon Saengkham will get the invite re Asia champs.

    Who is Alex Pagulayan?

    • tmv23

      Pagulayan is a very successful pool player (world champion in 9-ball 2004, winner of us open and world pool masters too) born in the Phillipinnes but lives in Toronto, Canada for quite some time.

      • tmv23

        i should add: he is canadian national champion in snooker 2011 too thats why he giot the nomination.

      • snoopy2608

        thanks – I thought I’d heard of him from pool circles

        • Tore

          I will be very surprised if Pagulayan ends up playing on the tour.
          Would’ve been interesting though to see how a world class pool talent would cope.

    • Paul

      Alex won the 2012 Canadian National Snooker, 8-Ball AND 9-Ball Championships! And no, he won’t be joining the tour.

  • likahokeith

    For China Nomination, generally it will be given to the highest ranking amateurs, so it will be given to Jin Long and Rouzi maimaiti. But after the World Championship, I’m not sure who will receive these two nomination.

  • Urindragon

    Can you tell me who will get Hendry’s place?

  • Guy Fraser

    What’s the info with regard to Peter Francisco?


  • snoopy2608

    I would assume the best performer at Q school who doesn’t qualify as of right will get admitted to events.

    Although it is possible that could reduce total on tour to 98 instead

    • likahokeith

      No. The place will be filled with the best performer in Q School.

  • matt2745

    I’ve not seen any official announcement yet, we can only guess right now…

  • Roman

    It’s quite interesting now since Stephen Hendry decided to retire. If I get it right, Tony Drago is now to start the new season ranked 64th but he was already given wild card to remain on tour. So should it be given to someone else instead?

    • matt2745

      We don’t know, I asked World Snooker and a decision is yet to be taken apparently.

      • Alan

        An awkward decision, as Drago is still ranked 65th.
        Hendry has retired, but will only drops off the rankings completely in 2 years time when his last event drops.
        I suspect hearn will find a way to keep Cao Y. on tour.

  • HML

    Why Aditya Mehta can get the nomination of the Asian Championships? I thought the rule is: “Players may not re-qualify onto the Tour via an amateur event which carries a guaranteed Tour place for the following season.”

  • Kevin Miller

    World Snooker do have quite a random operation with regards to rules. Hopefully after 2 seasons they can come up with a set structure for the next season’s entry qualifications and points structure before the season starts.

  • likahokeith

    Matt, I think you type ‘Jin Long’ and ‘Rouzi Maimaiti’ to the China nomination first.

  • Alan

    Any idea why Simon Bedford – who has earned a place via the PTCs for 2012-13 season – missed a whole series of events?
    Is he going to take up his place.

    • matt2745

      Simon suffered a fractured back in a car accident unfortunately, he’ll be back next season

  • likahokeith

    Just a moment, will the champion of 2012 European Championship be nominated?

    I think it still have the chance for Vincent Muldoon(Runner-up of 2011 European Championship).

  • Alan

    That’ awful, thanks for the info.
    And he was recording some pretty decent results earlier on, so hope he comes back at the same level.

  • snoopy2608

    Mohamed Khairy has got the African nomination per WSA site

    • matt2745

      Cheers, updated

  • Dan

    In regards to bending the rules to keep certain players on the tour, I’m for it to be honest.

    Barry Hearn needs to do what’s best for the sport; Luca Brecel is the brightest young talent in the game today – do World Snooker really want to hold back his development? It wouldn’t make commercial sense either.

    These players keep the pay cheques and the interest high.

  • Ron

    Hopefully Alex Pagulayan will generate a bit of interest in the North Americas. Now all we need is an event here in Scandinavia.

    Also, I think personally that the nomination to Drago was given partly because then they could use the second-on-euro-list reason to give a wildcard to Luca. No disrespect to Tony of course, he has long been one of my favourite players, but his results have not been stunning this season.

    Eitherways, picking specific players out of commercial interest makes business sense.

    • Alan

      Hope Scandinavia gets an event soon too, a PTC with points (even if small).
      Maybe, but also Drago may have been considered because he has “added” value, being extremely popular (from what I’ve read), and he keeps Malta in the picture – a tiny country, but very much a snooker loving place.

  • Kevin

    There is a slight problem that World Snooker are continually bending the rules. Obviously Barry Hearn is new to the ranking system but rukes for qualifying should be made before the season starts, not randomly changed as the season progresses.

    It is good that players now have 2 seasons to obtain ranking points before they are relegated. One season is very hard.

    The problem with the ranking system is the same it was before Hearn took over. That is the endless qualifying rounds players need to get through before they play the best players. Whilst the dpuble points available for players who have won a game already is a help this is only partial/

    Hearn has helped a little to alleviate this with the PTC but the players have prevented gim having everyone enter at the same stage, the only fair way to operate the system.

    Players travelling to the UK must take a long time to acclimatise as in other sports and the 2 year plan will be a major help to them.

  • likahokeith

    Jin Long refused the nomination.

  • matt2745

    Seems that Alex Pagulayan has decided not to take up his nomination:

    “David Hendon ‏ @davehendon

    Alas, Alex Pagulayan has decided not to take up his main tour place from North America”

  • Maja

    Is it clear now what happens to Tony Drago? Will he get a 1-year-place via the top 64 spot (due to Hendry’s retirement) or the 2-year-place via nomination? This decision effects the places via PTC order of merit as well. Liam Highfield comes next to Drago and also holds a 2-year-place already. Very confusing!

  • snoopy2608

    From my calcs the ‘reserve list’ from Q school – some of whom could well be getting into the first few events of the season due to some players not entering are as follows:

    1. Jordan Brown
    2. Scott Donaldson
    3. Fraser Patrick
    J4. Adrian Gunnell
    J4. Gareth Allen
    6. Duane Jones
    7. Ashley Wright
    8. Ryan Causton

    nb. Donaldson, Allen and Jones have all entered Euros next week so won’t be available for Wuxi and Aussie Qualifiers

    • Rob Freeman

      That assumes players will be given 4 points for a walkover/bye. If they get none in that situation, the list changes to

      1. Jordan Brown
      2. Scott Donaldson
      J3. Ashley Wright
      J3. Fraser Patrick
      5. Ryan Causton
      J6. Gareth Allen
      J6. Michael Wild
      J6. Adrian Gunnell

      No word on which ordering they’re going to use, or how they’re going to settle ties. Usual fantastic communication from the Hearn regime.

  • ANON

    How old is Floyd Ziegler (he looks like an old Peter Ebdon)? It seems like quite a bold decision for him to take up the US Nomination, given that it probably means moving to Sheffield or Gloucester, and with 0 starter points he faces 2 years of battling in the early rounds of the qualifiers (unless Barry is able to sort out some open draws) – but maybe he’ll cause a few shocks and become the new Cliff Wilson.

    It would be unfair on Tony Drago if he has to start with 0 points, and is stuck in the early rounds for the next 2 years just because Hendry hasn’t officially given up his world ranking. That said is there another player from mainland europe who the wildcard could legitimately be given to?

    • Kevin


  • snoopy2608

    so Wuxi draw is out.

    No Ziegler and Khairy nor Jogia and Hendry.

    Plus two of the top 16 haven’t entered. I assume this is Higgins and O’Sullivan.

    there are 4 places available for non-tour players. On the basis of availability these should be for Jordan Brown, Fraser Patrick, Adrian Gunnell and Ashley Wright.

    It would be good if prize money breakdown for each event was published along with the ranking points.

  • Alan

    Looks like Carter and Higginson are 15th & 16th seeds
    Mark Davis 17th seed and Ken Doherty 32nd seed
    Robert Milkins 33rd seed and Alan McManus 48th seed
    Peter Lines 49th seed, and they have not followed through (thankfully) with Hearn’s threat to seed anyone outside the top 64 by alphabetical order, instead giving seeds 61 to 64 to the top four in the PTC order of merit.

    Looking at the WPBSA’s official list of players for season 2012-3, it looks like the official seeding list for the first cut-off run of rankings/PTC events is top 64, followed by top 8 in finishing order from PTCs, followed the top 4 from Q school, then the next 4, and then the final four.
    If one is not going to allow rankings points for players outside top 64 to carry over (I think that is a mistake), at least seems the next fairest decision.

  • likahokeith

    Well, I think the cancel of UK nomination is the right decision.
    Just look at the Q-School, most of qualifiers are British.