Mount Reflects On Snooker Journey

MountThe conclusion of this year’s World Championship will mark not only the end of another long season, but also the end of an era in snooker as On Q Promotions will cease to act as a snooker management company.

With founder Paul Mount, his daughter Sarah and the rest of the team at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester having helped me a great deal and more importantly, having played a real part in the sport over the past six years, I could not let their exit go unnoticed and so I caught up with Paul to look back at their time involved with snooker…

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Get Well Soon Paul Mount

Upon returning from a night out at the Premier League this evening I learned of the news that Paul Mount of On Q Promotions was taken ill on Tuesday evening and as explained over at the South West Snooker Academy website may have in fact suffered a mild stroke.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to wish Paul all of the best with his recovery and also to encourage him to take heed of the instruction to take complete rest. Knowing Paul he will probably have to be chained to his best to stop him from working in one capacity or another, be it MIUS or On Q!