Pro Snooker Blog – New website address

Site News

A couple of updates on Pro Snooker Blog, a new address and what you can expect to see here over the next couple of months…


Ok first things first, Pro Snooker Blog has a new address. You can now access this blog at either: or

However, as you may have noticed, all of the old links are still working and will continue to work, so there is no need to update your bookmarks or anything. Hopefully this will help further the development and readership of the blog and if nothing else, be easier to remember for those people currently reading!

Site development

As you may or may not have noticed, I have now reached the halfway stage with my main tour player profiles, having completed 48 of the 96 players. Hopefully you find these interesting and I will work to complete the remaining pages over the next few weeks. I imagine that these will not take as long due to the fact that they are largely made up of newer players to the tour, who will inevitably have shorter profiles than the leading players in the game.

Once the player profiles are completed I then intend to move on to the TV/Commentators as well as the referees and legends pages which are currently pretty empty. Hopefully over the course of the next few months I will be able to complete all of these and the content of the website will be where I envisaged it being when I first started it.

Upcoming events

This is a particularly busy part of the snooker year so here is a quick summary of what I hope to cover during this period. As usual I intend to cover the major events as well as I can, so this includes both the Bahrain and UK Championships matches, as well as the Masters qualifiers and all the action from the Matchroom Premier League.

For the first time this season though, I am hoping to watch some live snooker, starting this week at the EIS in Sheffield with the Premier League, as well as the UK and Masters qualifiers at the same venue. While this will inevitably mean that my updates are delayed, it should mean that my reports will be far more detailed than they are at present, and hopefully I will be able to bring you some exclusive photos from the event and the venue.

Your suggestions

As always, your suggestions are more than welcome and if you have anything that you would like to see here on the site, please do let me know.