John Higgins: The Details Behind the Sting II

Following on from the article that I linked to during my previous article on the subject, there have been minor developments concerning the John Higgins saga as again reported over at Sporting Intelligence…

The view the updates, please click the following links:

As reported above, the website for the fictional company Alfa Equity which appears to have been central to the sting has now been taken down, possibly at the request of the legitimate companies who have been unwittingly dragged into the affair.

As also stated on the above links, it will now be interesting to see what is printed in tomorrow’s News of the World, which is promising a follow-up story on last week’s piece.

Finally I have just stumbled across a piece from fellow Scot Stephen Hendry on the whole story over at the Daily Record as part of his Crucible Diary for the website. Click here to view it.