Rankings 2013/14: First Projected Seedings List Now Available

With confirmation now received from World Snooker as to which ranking points will be removed at each upcoming seedings revision, as part of the recently published player’s letter (click here), I have now been able to prepare the first draft of the new projected seedings list for the start of 2013/14.

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  • Click here to view the new latest projected seedings list
  • Click here to view the end of season rankings for 2012/13
  • Click here to view the ranking points tariffs for 2013/14
  • Click here to view the points that each player will be defending at the first cut-off
  • Click here to view my explanation of how the current ranking system operates in snooker (updated for 2013/14)

What does this list show?

This list will be used to illustrate the very latest position, for when the seedings are revised for the first time this season following the European Tour 2 event on 22nd July 2013.

The list includes:

  • The first five events of the 2013/14 season
  • All points earned during the 2012/13 season
  • All points earned during 2011/12 season, except the 2011 PTC1 and 2011 Australian Goldfields Open, which will no longer count following this season’s first seedings revision

But we now have flat draws, does this still matter?

Yes – the seeding list following the first mid-season revision will be used to determine the seedings for the 2013 Shanghai Masters. This event will be played under the ‘old’ system, with the battles for the top 16, top 32, top 64 and even the top 96 now important, when the seedings are determined.

To be confirmed

Readers will note that I have made certain assumptions, eg in terms of the minimum points that I have allocated to players for the Wuxi Classic and in particular the Australian Goldfields Open.

At the time of writing, I have made the assumption that every player with the exception of Stephen Hendry will enter both events, however it is inevitable that this will not be the case and therefore some of these totals will alter following the publication of the entry lists for both events. This list is purely intended as a guide at this stage.

Also to be confirmed are the identities of all of the new tour players in full and again this will be updated in due course.

If you do spot any obvious mistakes or omissions, please do contact me at prosnookerblog@gmail.com, or on Twitter @prosnookerblog.