It’s time…

Well, nearly anyway, 12 hours to go at the time of writing. Just a quick post to say how I will be updating this site during the course of the tournament and which matches I will be watching…

As I have hinted over the last few days, I’m going to be travelling to Sheffield (and back, and back again and so on), a few times during the tournament, here are the matches that I currently have tickets for:

Sat 18th: Hawkins v Dott (afternoon)
Sun 19th: Allen v Gould, Carter v Greene, Hendry v Williams
Mon 20th: Fu v Swail (morning), Ding v Wenbo (afternoon)
Tues 21st: Ding v Wenbo (morning)
Thurs 23rd: Ding/Wenbo v Hendry/Williams (afternoon)
Fri 24th: Ding/Wenbo v Hendry/Williams (morning and evening)
Sat 25th: Carter/Greene v Robertson/Davis (afternoon)
Sun 26th: Dott/Hawkins v Selby/Walden (afternoon)
Mon 27th: Higgins/Holt v Perry/Cope (afternoon)
Mon 4th: Final, sessions 3 & 4

While I will not be able to come up with detailed match reports as they happen, with a bit of help PSB should still be updated while I am away with results and the very latest provisional rankings as the tournament progresses.

Furthermore on the evening of each day that I am at the Crucible, I hope to produce a detailed account of my day complete with photos and anything else of interest. Not only that but during the day itself, I will be able to update my Twitter page by using my mobile phone, so if if anything interesting happens at Stage Door or anywhere else, you will know about it.

Enjoy the tournament!