Legends of Snooker 2009: Day One Results (Revised)

Here is a very brief post to bring you the quarter-final results from day one of the Legends of Snooker event in Glenrothes…

EDIT: Apologies for the overnight error, it was of course Alex Higgins who lost 4-0 in the last match, NOT Jimmy White!

Saturday October 31st

Ken Doherty 4-1 Tony Knowles

Nigel Bond 4-1 Jimmy White

Stephen Hendry 4-2 Tony Drago

Cliff Thorburn 4-0 Alex Higgins

Ken will play Nigel tomorrow for a place in the final while Stephen will play Cliff in the second semi-final.

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  • Armbrust

    Jimmy played twice?

  • http://snooker147blog.com Ander Isuskiza

    It’s actually Cliff Thorburn 4-0 Alex Higgins 😉

  • matt2745

    I really should know better than to post before I’m about to go to bed by now!