Crucible Ticket Update

A brief update here to let those of you anxiously waiting for World Championship tickets know that I received mine through the post this morning so hopefully everyone will start to get them soon! I should be there for much of the first week and the final weekend if anyone wants to say hello…

  • Dez


    Glad you have your Crucible tickets, nothing here as yet but fully expect a couple of tickets for Round 2, some Q-Finals, and the second day of the Final.


  • Witz78

    Good 2 hear that Matt. 
They usually issue them out a few weeks after they take the money out of ur account. Hopefully mine arrive soon too then so i can see what seats i got!
    How long are you going for?

  • matt2745

    Most of the first week and the final weekend, usually skip the QF and SF’s as the ticket prices get quite steep there.

  • Witz78

    Yeh after i posted i read ur thread properly and saw when u were going. My tickets had arrived when i got home from work so happy days. Likewise, im there the 1st week, prefer the atmosphere early on and the buzz, plus the 2 table set up and chance to see all the players!

  • matt2745

    Yeah that’s it, everyone is around then, I’ve always done the same since I first started going in 2005 really.

    The first Monday is always good, less people there and lots of players still involved.

  • Witz78

    most of mine for the 1st week were for rows A-D.

    Not good for me as i sneak drink in usually, so prefer to be hidden away up the back. Wonder if well be allowed drink in the theatre this year, since Hearn is in charge??

    Would stop so many (myself included) skipping the odd frame to hit the bar too and make the crowd look bigger.