Rankings Updated

A brief post here to clarify the situation regarding my rankings pages which I have now updated following the season’s final mid-season revision after the Welsh Open.

  • The final seedings list for both the China Open and World Championship tournaments can now be found here.
  • The new provisional list for the end of season rankings can be found here.
  • The updated one-year list can be found here.

Of most interest I imagine will be the new provisional list which has Stephen Hendry outside of the top 16 for the first time in several years, Ryan Day on the slide and Jack Lisowski pushing for a top 48 place. His rise really does illustrate the difference made by the new system as in previous years he would have had no chance of making such an impact this early into his professional career.

The race for the top 64 places now really comes into focus and I shall be posting on that later in the week…