How Much Is A 147 Worth? (Updated)

Away from the action at PTC10 today, an interesting story has broken on Twitter as Mike Dunn revealed that contrary to this article at World Snooker which stated that he would receive £3,500 for his maximum at the recent German Masters qualifiers, it would appear that he has now been told that he will be given the lesser sum of £2,000 instead…

In Mike’s own words:

“Text from Wsa chairman and website confirmed £3500 for my 147, so why am I now only getting £2000 ! Really angry! Please Re-tweet. #discrace”

Is this correct? The most recent maximum prior to the recent run started by Mike was that of Ronnie O’Sullivan at the PTC4 event back in August, for which the three-time world champion received £2,000 as confirmed here.

As stated at World Snooker, since then there have been five PTC events staged in addition to the qualifiers for the UK Championship and German Masters qualifiers which as I had understood it would result in a prize of £3,500. Quite why this would now be reduced by £1,500 is not clear and it will be interesting to see how the story develops and if any reason is given for the change.

Incidentally, Mike also appeared to indicate on Twitter that David Gray looks set to receive nothing for his maximum in the amateur pre-qualifying round of the PTC10 event which presumably would mean that Ricky Walden will receive the full £500.00 for his max during the professional stages. Mike said to fellow pro Ian McCulloch:-

“not that I am aware of mate. I hope Ricky does get paid more than £500 cos he’s a lovely lad. Grey gets nothing !!!”

This has not been confirmed at World however.


UPDATE: World Snooker have today posted clarification on the way that the rolling system operates, confirming that there are in effect now three totals in place. Click for their full explanation here.