Q School 2012: Draws & Format Now Available

While all eyes are currently on the Crucible, World Snooker have today released the draws for all three events of the 2012 Q School, with 12 main tour places at stake.

Click here to view the draws.


  • Stephan E

    Does anyone know why Zhang Anda is set to lose all his 1st round matches 0-4?
    Any information about a wild card given or something lika that?

    • Allineas

      Zhang Anda reached the final of the U21 Asian Championship. Hossein Vafaei won it, but has already qualified via Amateur WCH (I think), so Zhang Anda gets the tour place.

  • BoroPhil

    Already on next seasons tour after finishing runner-up to Vafaei (already qualified for Tour) in the Asian U-21 Champs. Which would suggest if Francisco doesn’t take up the African nomination, it should go to the runner-up.

  • BoroPhil

    There doesn’t seem to be many of the relegated players in the draw, notably Swail and McCulloch are absent.

    None of the Chinese players in there, expecting wild cards?

    Also, “Tour Player” pops up once in each of the draw!!

  • Allineas

    At least four Chinese players 😉 (counting Zhang Anda) But you are right, there seem to be quite a few missing…

    Maybe “Tour Player” is reserved for someone like Swail or McCulloch??? No idea…

  • snoopy2608

    Yes tour player is strange! Was thinking it might be for Cao Yupeng as he’s only just known he hasn’t stayed on tour – but why not name him if that’s the case.

    As matches start Sunday week will know by then.

    Do players getting a bye get treated as 4-0 first round winners? (just thinking about qualifying school order of merit list)

    re Peter Francisco my understanding is that he’ll take up the place (if not runner-up will be offered it)

  • Butler

    So is Tony Drago retiring then or what?

    • matt2745

      He got a European nomination, he’ll be on tour next season.

  • chasmmi

    Tour Player could also have been Barry Pinches as he may well have entered just in case Cao had beaten Day.