May 27 2012

Site News: May 2012 Update

With the start of the new professional snooker season little more than a week away, while I have eased off on the blog posts since the Crucible, I have been working hard to improve the site in the background…

When it comes to snooker blogging, the end of the season generally only means one thing – a lot of player profiles to update!

This year has been no different and barring the creation of a few new profiles for players making it onto tour for the first time in 2012/13, I am pleased to say that all of them should now be as up to date as I can reasonably get them. In addition, the menus to access the profile pages have also had a facelift and can be accessed by clicking here.

Indeed while I have posted less recently, behind the scenes I have taken advantage of the downtime (Q School aside), to fix a number of pages on the site, broken as a result of the various theme changes to the blog. Notably, tournament drawsheets dating back to 2009 have been fixed, my archive pages has been updated, links have been updated and my referees pages and menus have been updated. I have also added a full calendar for the upcoming 2012/13 campaign.

Finally, you may have noticed that there is a problem with images on older posts between 2008-2010, since the change to the current blog theme in December 2010. I am currently working through these and hope to have them all fixed within the next couple of months.

In the meantime however, if anyone has any suggestions, or has spotted anything that I have missed, particularly for the new player profiles for those joining the tour this season, please feel free to let me know.

Otherwise, thanks to all readers for your continued support, lets hope this season proves to be another cracker…


  • http://KennFong.com Kenn Fong

    Matt, you’re the “Pro” in ProSnookerBlog.com. Someday you will have to share your energy drink formula or secret diet regime. But it’s more than just your diligence and energy; your journalistic instincts are always right on target.

    There’s a stereotype about bloggers as spotty losers who spend their post-college years living in their parents’ basement with their sole qualifications: computer ownership and an Internet connection. You put a lie to all that.

    A friend with nearly half a century of media experience looked at one of my articles for you, he made a point of telling me how good your site was.

  • zabaks

    ohh, Matt, you fixed the only thing I was looking for elsewhere last season – now entire pro calendar is in one table, instead of several, as was the case last season. Background colors are self – explenatory, a pleasure to lay an eye to!

  • ANON

    Matt, have World Snooker called on your services to produce the ‘ranking table’ for QSchool? If not do you know how they are calculating this – and if they will issue it after the final match tomorrow?

    Its interesting because I think the top ranked player effectively gets a 1 year tour card (the list will be used to determine which players get invited to make up the numbers for ranking events where there are fewer than 96 entries – which, lets face it, will probably be every ranking event!)

    • matt2745

      They haven’t, but there is a relatively up to date list at Snooker Island here:


      • ANON

        Thanks – although it appears no-one is quite sure how the list is compiled! The fact World Snooker haven’t explained how walkovers will be dealt with is pretty incredible (this is why they should have asked you – especially after Lisowski and the PTC Finals).

        • matt2745

          I know what you mean, it’s unfortunately just the way these things tend to pan out, the last people to know anything are the snooker fans, the second to last people are the snooker players.

          It’s not really a case of asking me, it’s just about creating rules, making them clear and then presenting them so that everybody knows. Otherwise we just end up with everyone guessing and creating more confusion, it always happens. It’s why I’ve held off on making the new projected list because while logically I think I know which events will come off and when, I’d not like to put too much money on it!

          I’ve never seen anything said about exactly how the ‘topping up’ will work, ultimately it will depend on what is in the players packs for the tournaments, but I’ve not seen the one for Australia or Wuxi.

          • http://www.twohundredpercent.net/?author=104 Rob

            The communication since Hearn took over has been beyond poor. We’ve gone from a situation where the sport was well administrated, but poorly promoted to the opposite way round. Everything is dished out in doc and pdf form – and some of the pdfs appear to be printed on low quality paper and rescanned before they are uploaded. Can’t they afford a decent programmer for their site? I’d happily do it for market rate./

            An example of this is that certain decisions seem to be made up as they went along:

            * Announcing the criteria for new entries to the tour nine months into the season, and allegedly different from those communicated to the likes of the EASB at the start of the season. Has there been any progress with the EASB’s discussions with World Snooker? I know Gary Wilson won the EASB pro-ticket tournament, and he entered Q School, but

            * The distribution of the 2 New European places on the tour – Luce Brecel plays well at the Crucible, so Barry announces that these two places go to the highest 2 Continental Europeans outside the top 64. Only for Hendry to retire, meaning that Drago should now be ranked 64th, and Kacper Filipiak being the second European under that criteria – but if Barry’s made up his mind yet, he’s not told anyone.

            * The Assigning of a place to the Americas – specifically Canada, with Alex Pagulayan being crowned Canadian champion months before. Clearly Pagulayan was wanted on the Tour because of his pool profile. Pagulayan declines, so Barry’s left with Floyd Ziegler, or backtracking on the place.

            * Then we have things like the tie in the PTC Order of Merit and whether walkovers count in the Q School Order of Merit. Every other sport has all these details laid out in advance so that everyone knows where they are, and more importantly so that they don’t leave themselves open to legal action from disgruntled players that have missed out!

  • fan

    Thanks for your awesome work!

    There is still one more thing I’d like to see. Could you make a follow-up table of players’ rankings? I know you’ve still all old lists and from there I can see how each player has gone up or down, but from one separate page it would be easier. Like this:

    name 1 2 3 4
    Selby 1 1 1 1
    Williams 2 2 2 3
    Trump 8 5 3 2
    Maguire 9 8 8 4
    Ding 5 9 7 11
    Robertson 4 4 5 7
    Higgins 3 3 6 5

    I hope you understood. Numbers 1-4 above mean revisions and numbers after names mean placement in ranking.


    • matt2745

      Hi, I’ll bear that in mind, time permitting!

      • Maja

        I could provide such a list for your site, Matt. Contact me if you are interested.

  • ali

    Best snooker blog around!