Latest Projected Seedings List Now Available

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As discussed during this previous post, the mystery surrounding which points will be deducted at the second mid-season seedings revision of the season in November has so far prevented me from posting the latest projected seedings list, but having now received confirmation from World Snooker as to how they are going to work it, the wait is over. Click below for an explanation…

  • Click here to view the new projected seedings list (up to 24/8/12)
  • Click here to view the rankings at the first cut-off after UKPTC2
  • Click here to view the points to defend list for the second cut-off

Almost everyone had attempted to guess which points World Snooker would deduct at the season’s second revision following the International Championship on 5th November 2012, but I can now confirm that the events that will be deducted are as follows (all 2010):

  • PTC3
  • PTC4
  • EPTC1
  • Shanghai Masters
  • World Open
  • EPTC2
  • PTC5
  • PTC6
  • EPTC3
  • EPTC4

Is this what was to be expected? Not entirely, but with the cut-off coming on 5th November 2012, I do think that removing all points up until 31st October 2010 is the most logical way to proceed.

As ever, I have put together a projected seedings list which shows where all of the players currently stand in the race for favourable seedings at the UK Championship and German Masters tournaments, as well as entry into both the Masters and Shoot Out events early next year. As the list is a new one and is a first draft, please do contact me if you spot any errors, but hopefully it should be there or thereabouts at this stage.

To illustrate who has the most to lose at the second cut-off, click here to view my points to defend page for revision two.

With so many points to be deducted, there are some interesting consequences on the latest projected seedings list, most obviously the fact that John Higgins, despite barely lifting his cue so far this season in competition, climbs several places to third place. This is because he has no points to defend during this period following his six-month suspension two seasons ago, but it only takes a quick look at his 2010/11 column now to see that it is almost inevitable that he will fall as the season progresses.

Other climbers? With relatively few points to defend, the likes of Mark Allen, Joe Perry and Ryan Day are well placed to climb at the next revision, while Michael White is being rewarded for his excellent results recently by a rise into the top 40 provisionally.

David Gilbert too has put himself well into contention for a return to the top 48 with just starter points to defend, while Liu Chuang is another closing in on that bracket.

As for those set to fall, Ali Carter has a number of points to defend following his Shanghai Masters win back in 2010, but is boosted by the fact that those around him such as Mark Davis, Andrew Higginson and Martin Gould, too have a large number of points to defend at this cut-off. As far as the race for top 16 places is concerned, their respective fates lie in their own hands.