PSB: Back In Business

Welcome back everyone, after a week of technical issues far too boring for me to go into, PSB is back and raring to go as the Shanghai Masters continues apace this week.

Having been out of action for a while, unfortunately a few posts from the start of September have been lost and I have work to do in order to update the projected seedings and a few other things, but hopefully now I should be able to post at least and get things back on track.

Thank you all for your patience and especially to those who helped put the website back together again in recent days!

  • Miko

    Flippin sweet!

    Ah, good to have you back, Matt. I never realised how much I like this site until it was down! I mean, I do like the guy at snookerbacker but you can’t beat a good bit of PSB.

    And the projected seedings is why I really come here I think – can’t wait to see the new list :)

    Anyway, keep up the good work bruv!

  • Jürgen Kesseler

    Nice to have you back.
    Go on with the good work.

  • dk

    Glad to have you back!

  • Toby

    Hey Matt,
    Well I am very glad you fixed your website.
    I really like this website because its got loads of snooker news and we share something common.
    Good luck with your snooker website and may many new fresh snooker new stream in!!!
    Cheerio Toby.

  • Alan Moroney

    the one good thing about your site being down is that we realise how valuable it is!
    Great to have it back