Snooker Twitter – Who Are Your Favourites?

Since professional snooker ‘hit’ Twitter two or three years ago, it has given us a fascinating insight into the personalities of a number of the players, officials and other characters involved in the game.

What is interesting to me is the different ways that players use Twitter, for example you have the banter of Mark Williams, the forthright opinions of Michael Holt, the wit of Steve Davis, the insight of Alan McManus and the interaction of Shaun Murphy, to mention just a few.

But which players do you enjoy following on Twitter the most? I asked the question a couple of days ago and you can find the best responses below, with one player clearly coming out on top…

The Seán Taylor@SeanT180

Mark Williams! His banter is brilliant!

Secret Snookerplayer ‏@SecretSnooker

mark Williams and holty are the only ones worth following #theotherssendyoutosleep

Rob Freeman@RobFreeman

Williams for his humour, Holt for his opinions (whether right or wrong), Carter for his moaning, probably the best three,


I’ve enjoyed @spaceman147 since he joined up and encourage him to tweet loads more in 2014

Jonathan Davey ‏@jonathandavey

@markwil147, as he seems to have fun on here, and @SteveSnooker (he’s a legend, and he responded to a tweet I made once!)…Also I give extra credit to those players who don’t have that predictable ‘147’ in their usernames…

snookerbacker ‏@snookerbacker 

Steve Davis, one of a select handful that ‘get’ Twitter.

Fraser Marnie@FraserMarnie

All of the players I follow but of them probably Willo.

Ged_147 ‏@ged_147

Alan McManus he’s articulate & reasonable

Ben Gazeley ‏@BGazeley

Robbo Smurf Alfie MJW Gouldy Milkins Nugget …..Why? any info on snooker helps if your a snooker punter

Michael Annison@CueActionBlog

MJW and Holty are good value. Murphy gives a good view on the game. Plenty of others too.

Piotr Jedra@Blazen1978

Can’t be managers? Ok – Shaun Murphy as he is arguably the most fan-friendly player on the top 16. Also Stuart Bingham

Andy Jay ‏@andyjay77

Great question. Holty most interesting generally. Mark Allen for his controversial, tweet first, think later comments. Plus Stuart Bingham and Shaun Murphy for taking time and interest to reply to peoples tweets.

The Wyke Tyke ‏@andrewjwalker11

Gouldy & Holty

Ruth McAvinia@ruthie147

i like @Stuart__Bingham because he seems fair and decent, and @nr147 Not interested in tweets whining about formats TBH.

Edward Reach ‏@ReachEd

IMO ROS best player of all time. His tweets on the other hand…….#verydull


@markwil147 of course;) speaks & acts under same code, he’s so real on here! N @pistol147 2, same straight forward character

Jane Butterworth@scilova

@nr147 he’s chatty and my favourite player ever!. @Stuart__Bingham again chatty and a favourite. @ronnieo147 just because.

Agata Czerwińska ‏@AgiFromZg

@robhull_ and the great lesson of the finnish language