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Site Notice – Blog Comments Restored


One question that I have regularly been asked during the past 12 months is when will the comments function be restored here at PSB, certainly something that I have missed, as I do like to interact and welcome feedback from all readers.

The good news then, is that we are now in the process of restoring comments, certainly to new articles at the moment, if not existing ones. The comments facility is slightly different to the previous one, but hopefully will be reasonably self-explanatory.

Any problems, please feel free to contact me, either by leaving a comment, or by sending me an email/tweet to the usual addresses at the top of the page.

  • Stewart Jones


    • David Metcalfe

      can someone please tell me if the masters prize money will count towards ranking list when the tour moves to a money list?

      • Matt

        Definitely not, it’s still an invitational event.

  • Rana Mittra

    Glad that comments are back. All sorts of interesting posts and articles over the last year, I’d love to have been able to comment on.

    Out of interest, would this facility allow a pseudo-live chat? I know there have been problems having those on here and I really enjoyed those.

    • Matt

      Sort of I guess. The live chat thing isn’t so much a technical one, more a financial one. Would be nice to sort out though I agree, I like those.

  • SB

    Just testing! SB.