Dual Qualification – What Prevails?


A brief update this evening to answer a question that many have been asking me recently concerning the race for main tour places this season…

The matter in question is should a player qualify through both the European and Asian Tour Orders of Merit, as Scott Donaldson may well do this season, how would World Snooker approach this?

My theory was that following the logic applied in last season’s tour criteria, any such player would qualify through the European Order of Merit, due to the fact that this occurs first chronologically. This would mean that there would effectively be an extra place available through the Asian Order of Merit as a result.

Having made enquiries with World Snooker, they have now confirmed to me that this will indeed be the case, so that is something else to bear in mind as the race unfolds over the next three days…

  • roy142857

    Prompted me to look at the Asian ‘Order of Merit’ to see who would benefit from Donaldson qualifying in Europe. The next player in line is Zhōu Yuèlóng , but presumably his qualification for the Tour as IBSF World Champion takes precedence, so next player would (at the moment) be Rouzi Maimaiti, a lot of players in ‘striking distance’ of his £2500 total, Tián Péngfēi is for instance only £200 behind.

    • mikets

      Donaldson stands a reasonably good chance of keeping his card by being in the top 64 on the money list. Pengfei also has an excellent chance of moving up into the top 64. He’s through to Haikou and as he’s in the top 64 on the points list he has relatively easy opposition in his two first round matches next week, so would be expected to win £4500. He should be comfortably inside the top 64 on the points list for the final cutoff and would then be seeded into the second qualifying round of the World Championship, where one win against a player outside the top 64 would earn another £5000.

  • 5345435

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