New Chair Appointed in Lee Appeal


The WPBSA have this evening issued a further statement concerning the ongoing appeal of Stephen Lee, explaining that a new chair for the Appeals Committee will now be appointed, due to the decision made by the original Committee to recuse themselves as explained below…

WPBSA Statement:

Edwin Glasgow QC and Peter Stockwell, who formed the Appeals Committee to hear the first part of Stephen Lee’s appeal against his conviction for seven counts of match fixing, have on request of those representing Mr Lee recused themselves from hearing the remainder of the appeal.

The Appeals Committee made the offer to both parties to recuse themselves. The reason for this was that in their decision to dismiss the first part of the appeal they had formed an unfavourable impression of Mr Lee’s truthfulness as a witness of fact on a critical issue.

In addition to dismissing the first part of the appeal, the Appeals Committee concluded that the appropriate order in this case is that Mr Lee should pay a contribution of £30,000 towards the legal costs incurred by the WPBSA in successfully resisting the appeal insofar as it was based on what was found to be misconceived allegations of apparent bias.

Sport Resolutions UK have nominated a new chair for the Appeals Committee in order that the remainder of the appeal can be heard. The nominee has been accepted by the WPBSA and we are keen for the remainder of the appeal to be dealt with as soon as possible.