2014/15 Roll Call

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It is that time of year again, as the final main tour places for the 2014/15 begin to slot into place.

Click below for my annual ‘roll call’ post, tracking how all of the 132 professional places will be filled in the coming weeks…

Updated 22/05/2014

For a full explanation of how the tour places are allocated, please see my previous article here.

The players currently confirmed to be on the main tour are as follows:

The Top 64

These players finished inside the top 64 on the two year money rankings and so will retain their place on the circuit as a result.

(End of season rankings as of 05/05/2013)

1 Mark Selby

2 Ding Junhui

3 Neil Robertson

4 Ronnie O’Sullivan

5 Barry Hawkins

6 Judd Trump

7 Shaun Murphy

8 Marco Fu

9 Mark Allen

10 Ricky Walden

11 John Higgins

12 Stuart Bingham

13 Ali Carter

14 Stephen Maguire

15 Joe Perry

16 Mark Davis


17 Graeme Dott

18 Mark Williams

19 Matthew Stevens

20 Robert Milkins

21 Ryan Day

22 Michael Holt

23 Xiao Guodong

24 Dominic Dale

25 Peter Ebdon

26 Liang Wenbo

27 Michael White

28 Mark King

29 Alan McManus

30 Martin Gould

31 Fergal O’Brien

32 Tom Ford


33 Ken Doherty

34 Kurt Maflin

35 Marcus Campbell

36 Andrew Higginson

37 David Gilbert

38 Mark Joyce

39 Rod Lawler

40 Ben Woollaston

41 Jamie Burnett

42 Jack Lisowski

43 Jamie Cope

44 Gerard Greene

45 Anthony McGill

46 Cao Yupeng

47 Dechawat Poomjaeng

48 Matt Selt


49 Aditya Mehta

50 Alfie Burden

51 Anthony Hamilton

52 Yu Delu

53 Rory McLeod

54 Jimmy Robertson

55 Jamie Jones

56 Pankaj Advani

57 Nigel Bond

58 Mike Dunn

59 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

60 Dave Harold

61 Peter Lines

62 Robbie Williams

63 Luca Brecel

64 Jimmy White

The Two Year Cards (35)

These players competed on the main tour in 2013/14 and will start the 2014/15 season on the second year of their two-year tour cards.

  • Gary Wilson
  • Kyren Wilson
  • David Morris
  • Stuart Carrington
  • Noppon Saengkham
  • Li Hang
  • Lyu Haotian
  • Joe Swail
  • Robin Hull
  • Alex Davies
  • John Astley
  • Andrew Pagett
  • Hammad Miah
  • Vinnie Calabrese
  • Chris Wakelin
  • Alex Borg
  • Chris Norbury
  • Igor Figueiredo
  • Andrew Norman
  • Ratchayothin Yotharuck
  • Elliot Slessor
  • Ross Muir
  • Cao Xinlong
  • James Cahill
  • Jin Long
  • Patrick Einsle (name not included on World Snooker list here)
  • Fraser Patrick
  • Alexander Ursenbacher
  • Lee Page
  • Allan Taylor
  • Ryan Clark
  • Shi Hanqing
  • Ahmed Saif
  • Lee Spick
  • Jak Jones
  • Khalid Beleid

The European Tour 8 (Top Eight on the European Order of Merit, Outside Top 64)

These are the top eight players on the 2013/14 European Order of Merit, not already qualified for the tour by finishing inside the top 64 on the main two year ranking list

  1. Sam Baird
  2. Scott Donaldson
  3. Joel Walker
  4. Ian Burns
  5. Michael Wasley
  6. Barry Pinches
  7. David Grace
  8. Tony Drago

APTC Order of Merit (4)

These are the top four players on the 2013/14 Asian Order of Merit, not already qualified for the tour by finishing inside the top 64 on the main two year ranking list:

  1. Ju Reti
  2. Liu Chuang
  3. Lu Chenwei
  4. Rouzi Maimaiti

The Q School (8)

A further 8 will be promoted from the Q School and these are as follows:

– Craig Steadman (2014 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Tian Pengfei (2014 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Zhang Anda (2014 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Chris Melling (2014 Q School Event One semi-finalist)

– Liam Highfield (2014 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Lee Walker (2014 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Michael Leslie (2014 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

– Michael Georgiou (2014 Q School Event Two semi-finalist)

EBSA Play-Offs (3)

Three more qualified via the EBSA Play-Offs:

  1. Ian Glover
  2. Zak Surety
  3. Steven Hallworth

International Nominations (9)

The remaining players come from a mix of other amateur/international competitions . At present they look to be shaping up as follows:

– Zhou Yuelong (IBSF Nomination)

– Lu Ning  (2013 IBSF World Under 21 Champion)

– Mitchell Mann (2014 European Champion)

– Oliver Lines (2014 European U-21 Champion)

Chuan Leong (ACBS Nomination)

Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (2014 Asian U-21 Champion)

– Hossein Vafaei Ayouri (Special dispensation, replacing the Americas Nomination)

Steve Mifsud (Oceania Nomination)

? (Africa Nomination)

  • Rana Mittra

    Shouldn’t Scott Donaldson be on either the EPTC or APTC list?

    • Matt



    Hasent Hossein Vafaei Ayouri been given a tour extension by World Snooker because of this on going visa farce.

    • Alan Moroney

      Really, I hope so.

      Barry Hearn must sort this farce out. The snooker is a “World Tour” and brings lots of money to UK.
      Most other sports have actually established visa rights with the Government – i.e. if you are good enough to get into events, you are entitled to a visa to enter UK..
      WOuld be interesting if Matt brought it up and did a piece on it.

      • Matt

        I have considered it. I know how hard the WPBSA are trying to sort it out though, it’s as frustrating for them as anyone else.

  • John Barton

    The Canadian National Champion should be granted a slot. :-)

  • Tóth Gábor

    Zhou Yuelong is the 2013 IBSF World Champion.

    Also the African nomination will go to the 2014 African Snooker Champion, which is held 1-9 August.

  • likahokeith

    Hossein Vafaei Ayouri won the final in 2014 IBSF U21 snooker championship. It means he will return from the season 2015/16.

  • mikets

    I notice from the list realised by World Snooker today that Patrick Einsle appears to be missing; unless there’s a mistake I assume he must have withdrawn from the tour (as he did a few years ago) since he hasn’t played since ET8 earlier this year.

  • Tóth Gábor

    BTW is there a reason why Zhou Yuelong is listed as “IBSF Nomination” instead of “2013 IBSF World Champion”? The same also applies for Chuan Leong, who is the 2014 Asian Champion?